None of us

It is honorable to be circumcised. Besides, it’s tradition and dad and grandpa are circumcised too. Circumcision turns a child into a man. Lots of gifts and a big celebration await the honorable one. It’s just a small cut and goes by quickly. It’s okay to be scared.

The boy’s inner life is in the foreground of visual communication. The film is dynamic, expressive and shows a colorful play of good and bad. Hope versus fear wrestle for the image. The golden innocence fights against the red and raw violence. The style is abstract, the content surreal, the viewer understands the film on an emotional level.

Analogue oil pastel animations paint a magical world of the childs mind.

An expressive and dynamic portrait of the perception of fear. Run!

an animated shortfilm about a boy in fear. His circumcision party turns into a nightmare.

A radiant little prince is the center of the celebration. The crowd suddenly gives way to an ominous figure. The circumciser pulls out a box and a scissor grins at the boy. The nasty face grows bigger and turns into a black dragonbird. Fearful, the little golden boy flees. It drives him through a forest with ghostly figures. But then a benevolent apparition arrises. A showdown seals the fate of the boy. He then stands there, in the center of his universe, and appears isolated.

the film will be about 5 minutes 20 seconds.

Gary Hirche worked on the filmmusic. He used a variety of intruments and showcased his talents of interpreting bittersweet joy, mystic realms and raw action. Roman Pogorzelski is the Sounddesigner and made me listen carefully to the subversive energy of the film.

the film took 4 years to make.

The idea came when i was working on the Bachelor of Fine Arts graduationfilm „Baba and Son“ at Filmuniverität Babelsberg. A boy has a circumcision party and just shamelessly flees out the window. It stuck to my head and i started working on it in the MFA studies. I thought about the characters and the narrative and soon became a father. It made me efficient! After changing a lot of the content, i was at 8 minutes. i invested 1 year to develop a solid animatic and broke it down to 5 minutes. The process of animation (Stopmotion, oil on glass) took 1,5 years. There where months when i did nothing, since the world around me was changing. I worked 3 years at home and then took off to the Talking Animals collective beginning 2021 and activated workmode. I did stack up some frames. Compositing the sequences half a year later. The last step felt like a rewarding process, since the animatic was elaborate enough to make it feel like drawing numbers, it became almost“rotoscopy“. I added texture and tried to match the dynamic and flow of the motion. It was captivating and also meditative while drawing, so it became more a process of „feeling“ the movement.

It was fun and also pain making this film. Overall i feel like knowing myself better with creating a piece like this. It had a lot of Layers of Understanding for me.

I will definetly continue to make films and want to go for shorter timeframes.