ISFF Datca – GYOP Workshop

Here’s a nice summary of the workshop. It sure was an adventure!


I worked with the turkish animator Ilgin Tanay to develop a shortfilm that shows commonalities of people all over the world. I did finish a storyboard for this stop motion piece called time of color.


I moved on to the next shortfilm idea from Jannis Morling who was tremendously inspired by the nature and the surroundings. The script just flew out of him and he played the main role himself. He did a great job by surprising the audiences with a variety of emotional expressions. I supported the team with a storyboard, editing and postproduction.


In this shortfilm „tears of fish“ from the talented director Hakan Erdogan i tried myself as an actor. It was really fun working with the guys in such short time and the story always makes me smile, it’s really a turkish mentality of this one.